Trailer Rectification Services


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We leave you with the benefit of carrying on with your operations without having to worry about looking for an opportunity during your busy schedule to get your vehicle to our workshop in Denver, Johannesburg.

Trailer Rectification Services (TRS) powered by TSE Big Max do the following:

• King Pin Replacement • Rubbing Plate Replacement • 5th Wheel repairs • Landing leg repairs • Air brake repairs and installations • Suspension repairs (mechanical and air) • Axle repairs and brake refurbishment • Structural damage repair

We have a number of dedicated trailer experts on our team that are involved at the workshop from the start to finish of all repair jobs. TSE Big Max now also manufacture new trailers, from Flatdecks, Tautliners, Super Links, Semi Trailers, Drawbars, Skeletals and much more.

Contact us at anytime and we will be at your service, whatever your requirement.

As you know, TSE Big Max cc has just surpassed 3 decades of serving the transport industry. We are proud to state that the Big Max brand has become synonymous with service and quality and the three go hand in hand. So what more can we offer? We are proud to announce that to date, we have more than 60 000 Big Max axles on the road and some 40 000 plus Big Max suspensions, be it mechanical or air suspension. TSE Big Max has now gone a step further. What started of as a form of extended service to our customers where we supplied and  fitted components on a rather small scale, we have now grown into a fully fledged repair centre for trailers. We now have a workshop that is capable of undertaking any level of repairs to trailers. Some of our highly satisfied customers include the likes of Biddulphs Removals, SolGas and Yellow Jersey Transport with whom we have a recurring repairs plan and many more. There are many advantages and benefits of bringing your trailers to us. One of the greatest advantages is that due to TSE Big Max being a manufacturer of trailer components and a leading supplier of all trailer spares, we would save you up to 30% on your repair work. Another great advantage is that we will collect your trailer that requires repair work from your premises (as long as it is roadworthy and in running condition) and deliver to you on completion of repairs.